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Credits is based on Overmundo, a Brazilian website orientated
towards discussion, curation and reporting of Brazilian cultural news and
heritge. Overmundo is based on a remix of recent internet technologies, such as
Wikipedia, Slashdot, Kuro5hin, OhMyNews, Digg and many others.

Overmundo's code is available under the GPL licence and software will soon be made available.

This project has been developed through the collaboration of the Overmundo
Institute for the website conception and adaptation:

Felipe Vaz (coordinator)
Jose Marcelo Zacchi
Ronaldo Lemos
Hermano Vianna

Website system development:

Tecnopop (coordinated by Rodrigo Machado)

Code snippets, libraries and other creations incorporated to the software
(though some not redistributed):

PhpThumb() (GPL)

Icons of the Tango Desktop Project (CC-BY-SA 2.5)

JS Quicktags HTML editor (LGPL)

Wordpress (GPL)

Yahoo! UI Library Calendar Widget (BSD)

Trencaspammer Captcha (freely distributed, no clear license)

Lightbox JS (CC-BY 2.5)

XML Writer Class (BSD)

FAMFAMFAM Silk icons (CC-BY 2.5)
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