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articles · Hamburg humbug: Chinese terracottas, authenticity and exhibitions
by Francis Deblauwe · voted on 8/2/2008 00:05 · 35 votes · no comments

What is authentic? What is original? What is fake? What is a replica? Can you answer those questions? Ever since an exhibition in a Hamburg museum, which featured eight real terracotta warrior statues from the world famous tomb of China’s emperor Qin, was closed down in December, these questions are not purely academic any more.

Emperor Qin

Qin Shi Huangdi was China’s first...

articles · Brazilian Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright: Impacts on A2K
by Paula Martini · voted on 26/11/2007 19:19 · 48 votes · 2 comments

The majority of Brazilians simply do not know much about copyright. The Brazilian population in general knows that copyright exists, but actual copyright rules are not well recognized. When asked to take a guess if a certain act of reproduction is against the law, many Brazilian nationals would probably give a correct answer, but actual knowledge of the law – its text and possible...

articles · This Be Cat Country
by Simon Dingle · voted on 17/6/2007 20:39 · 37 votes · 1 comment

A story by Bjorn Wijers and Simon Dingle

Croatia is a land of warm weather, beautiful people, good beer and cats. So many cats. In fact, we spotted some locals with "CC" t-shirts while exploring old town during the iCommons Summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia and excited to speak to local commoners we asked them about their threads. Turns out CC stands for 'Cat Country'. And we're...

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