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Cory Doctrow Recounts Alliance With Immortals
Tim_H, Cambridge (United States) · Jun 16th, 2007 11:14 pm · 29 votes · no comments made
Cory Doctorow , by mecredis,, CC BY-SA 2.0 (
Cory Doctrow, discussing strategies for activism, recounted that some of his best allies in the copyfight included such diverse figures as the distinguished “400-year old immortal vampire senators” and the Society for Biblical Literature.

The discussion, part of a larger panel on “A Culture Enviromentalist Movement And Beyond,” moderated by John Wilbanks of Science Commons, featured... [ read ]
Evolution Online
Rebecca Kahn, iCommons reporter (South Africa) · Apr 17th, 2008 5:22 pm · 28 votes · no comments made
There's good news for scientists, researchers, students and fans of evolution all over the world - the Darwin Online project, run by Cambridge University and the Charles Darwin Trust are working on putting copies of all of Darwin's published notes, letters and manuscripts into a free online repository, open to anyone who is interested.

At the moment 43,000 pages of searchable... [ read ]

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Lessig on Digital Barbarism

Lawrence Lessig has posted a review of David Halperin's recent book, Digital Barbarism.

Halperin, who authored the (in)famous New York Times article calling for perpetual copyright, has now compiled his ideas into a book. Lessig offers a much-needed critique, including citing misconceptions about Creative Commons (Halperin conflates it not only with "freeware" with software... more