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Lessig on Digital Barbarism

Lawrence Lessig has posted a review of David Halperin's recent book, Digital Barbarism.

Halperin, who authored the (in)famous New York Times article calling for perpetual copyright, has now compiled his ideas into a book. Lessig offers a much-needed critique, including citing misconceptions about Creative Commons (Halperin conflates it not only with "freeware" with software... more

ccNetherlands wants your visuals for a DVD
Bjorn Wijers, Stichting Open Media (Netherlands) · Aug 23rd, 2006 4:08 pm · 24 votes · no comments made
On 25 April, Creative Commons Netherlands launched the 'CC NL DVD' project in order to promote Creative Commons and the values which it enshrines, to creative communities in the Netherlands. The concept is to get at least a dozen songs by different musicians and combine these songs with the visuals of another dozen visual artists. The end result is a DVD filled with audio and video material, all licensed under Creative Commons licenses.

A call for music was sent out to numerous websites, people, magazines and communities. The response was quite successful with over 130 songs from more than fifty different artists. A professional jury consisting of Sander Kerkhof, a music journalist working with the Dutch public broadcaster 'VPRO' and Guno Oosterling, organizer of the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland', one of the most well-known music competitions in the Netherlands, helped us with the difficult task of selecting the twelve tracks. The choice was not easy, and this eventually led to them choosing the top thirteen tracks. These tracks were put online at the Creative Commons Netherlands website, followed by a shout out to the Netherlands for visuals to accompany the tracks.

Now we want to extend this call for materials to all visual artists including those outside of the Netherlands, to participate in this project. If you are a motion designer, video artist, animator or a collage artist from anywhere in the world, and would like to create visuals to accompany one of the thirteen tracks please check out this site for more information or send an email to let the organisers know which songs have inspired you to start creating.

Not convinced? Check out the compelling list of reasons that ccNetherlands has compiled to persuade you to get involved. The deadline for submissions is 21 September - so get visualising now!

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