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Evolution Online
Rebecca Kahn, iCommons reporter (South Africa) · 17/4/2008 17:22 · 28 votes
There's good news for scientists, researchers, students and fans of evolution all over the world - the Darwin Online project, run by Cambridge University and the Charles Darwin Trust are working on putting copies of all of Darwin's published notes, letters and manuscripts into a free online repository, open to anyone who is interested.

At the moment 43,000 pages of searchable text and 150,000 electronic images are up, and it's just mind-bendingly cool. You can page through his notes from various trips and scientific expeditions and see his spidery writing and ink splodges for yourself.

There are also audio versions of his notes available as free MP3s for the blind, vision impaired and audio book readers.

At a time when it sometimes feels like rationality and science are under attack, a resource like this is both inspiring and invaluable.

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